Can I Go?

“Say NO to things you don’t have to do in order to get done what you MUST.”



“Can I Go?” — 12″x12″ Oil on Canvas.


My husband and I go walking every other day. On many of our walks we pass farmhouses and large pastures. In the pastures are usually several cows all group together. When we walk by them, they start walking along with us until they realize that we had no food to give them. The one cow in the painting was the only light colored cow in the bunch. Don’t know if it is female or male. Wasn’t really trying to fine out. But I loved looking at these cows on our walks.


Making Time

“Making time for what matters, begins with unplugging the clock.”

Forgotten in Time

In Time —16″x20″ Oil on Canvas

I love the countryside. Fresh air and all. This painting was created using two photos snapped while driving in the country on a visit home. Reminds me of when I was young and on my family’s farm. My dad had a truck just like this one only it was green. We had a barn, not on a river. The river was farther away. More like a creek with fish. I miss the farm life with fresh vegetables, chickens, cows, pigs, fruit trees, etc. The things we take for granted sometimes : )

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